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Yr Ardd Fadarch and Trimsaran Leisure Centre

 Yr Ardd Fadarch (The Mushroom Garden) are based on farms in Gwynedd and Powys and have been growing award-winning mushrooms for 15 years. 


Working with Trimsaran Leisure Centre in Carmarthenshire Yr Ardd Fadarch are exploring and researching to make the Welsh Mushroom system growing unit more environmentally effective to support the establishment of a growing unit. 


Locally grown mushrooms contribute to reducing food miles and improving food resilience. They also provide easy to access healthy food for the local community and encourage the community to learn more about where their food has come from. This project will link to previous work done by Trimasarn Leisure Centre to establish their community growing project, Grow With Us, aiming to improve biodiversity and enhance the village. Yr Ardd Fadarch have worked with other businesses to develop similar growing hubs. Through improving the environmental effectiveness of the growing unit Yr Ardd Fadarch and Trimsaran Leisure Centre hope to contribute to creating a Net Zero Wales. 


Innovation Net Zero have worked with Yr Ardd Fadarch and Trimsaran Leisure Centre to refine their concept through the development of a business model and growth strategies. The programme also enabled Yr Ardd Fadarch and Trimsaran Leisure Centre to build new connections, expanding their network to continue developing the solution through collaboration. 


Following on from the programme Yr Ardd Fadarch and Trimsaran Leisure Centre are continuing to work toward implementing a more sustainable mushroom growing system for the local community. 

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