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Cleobury PM

Cleobury are experienced horticulturists with a passion for sustainable agriculture, innovation prospects in net zero, crop management, and land stewardship. 


Through the Innovation Net Zero programme Cleobury collaborated with YnNi Teg and conducted sustainability and energy audits to support research into the feasibility of growing tea on solar and wind farms. Drinking tea is good for our wellbeing, its consumption promotes healthy ageing, improves gut health and can help stave off cardiovascular diseases, cancers, obesity and diabetes. The British drink almost 100 million cups of tea per day. Growing the tea we drink in the UK would reduce the greenhouse emissions produced in importing it, contribute to growth in the UK economy, and improve the resilience of our food system. Cleobury  conducted desk-based research, land geospatial analysis and analysis of soils to determine the most appropriate sites for tea planting and to understand the feasibility of the concept.  


Innovation Net Zero supported research into solar farms, winder turbine effectiveness, and considerations on utilisation of land. Cleobury were supported in securing a further £15,000 in funding for the continuation of the project with the aim of achieving large-scale planting in solar farms across Carmarthenshire. 

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