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Enviro365 are based in Newcastle Emlyn and specialise in providing simple but effective environmental solutions. They test and resolve fuel specification problems, conduct environmental remediation, repair fuel tanks, stop environmental pollution from entering water and much more. 


As part of the programme Enviro365 are creating low-cost environmental sensors for agricultural use. Their prototypes use spectro analysis to monitor changes in water conditions and alert farmers of high phosphate and nitrate levels. High phosphate and nitrate levels from agricultural run-off cause algae and invasive species to bloom and reduce the oxygen available for other plants and animals in the water course. Only 14% of the UK’s rivers are in good health. Environment Agency modelling suggested that in 2021 64% of the pollution in the River Wye was from agricultural sources. Enviro365’s new solution will enable farmers to monitor runoff and ensure pollution does not rise above the guidelines established by the Welsh Government in 2021. 

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Innovation Net Zero has worked with Enviro365 to support the exploration and research behind the concept. The programme has also enabled Enviro365 to create connections with new partners to further explore their solution through collaboration. Through working with our experts Enviro365 were able to develop a funding strategy and refine their concept to leverage funding, successfully raining a further £15,000 for a new project. 


Following the support from Innovation Net Zero, Enviro365 will continue to develop their sensors and help to protect of waterways. We are proud to have supported Enviro365 through the early stages of this product which will soon be ready for market. To learn more about Enviro365’s latest work visit their website

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