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Penderyn Properties

Penderyn Properties are a Carmarthenshire based property management company seeking to introduce net zero technologies into their property portfolio. Since they began in 2015 Penderyn Properties have sought to offer high quality accommodation to local residents and are continually looking to adapt to our changing climate. 


Innovation Net Zero has supported Penderyn Properties in the development of low-cost temperature sensors to understand heat loss in buildings over time in order to calculate the cost benefits of adding more insulation. Buildings create 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, a large percentage of these emissions occur as a result of burning fossil fuels for heating. Buildings that are more efficient at retaining heat contribute fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Penderyn Properties project aims to provide a low-cost solution to understanding how efficient a building is a retaining heat and understanding the benefits of increasing insulation. 

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Innovation Net Zero has worked with Penderyn Properties to develop new growth and funding strategies through business mentoring. The programme also enabled Penderyn Properties to build new links with partners and explore their solution further through collaboration. 


Following the support from Innovation Net Zero, Penderyn Properties will continue to introduce new net zero technologies and work to decarbonise the UK real estate sector. 

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