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Morgan and Morgan

Morgan and Morgan are an award-winning company based in Llanelli offering business and technology solutions. Through their on-site facilities and diverse team of specialists Morgan and Morgan offer products and services in IT and telecoms, cyber security, document solutions, office interiors, and office products. 


Morgan & Morgan are working to breathe new life into discarded office furniture through bringing materials back into the production cycle, contributing to the circular economy. Currently only 7.2% of the global economy is circular, Morgan and Morgan are working to change that. 


Innovation Net Zero are working with Morgan and Morgan to ensure their processes are as environmentally responsible as possible. The programme has supported them to carry out energy audits, develop sustainability plans and evaluate their carbon footprint. As part of this process Innovation Net Zero has worked with Morgan and Morgan to research the feasibility of introducing solar panels and wind turbines onto their sites. Additionally, Morgan and Morgan received marketing support to highlight the progress made to become a net zero business and explored new markets. Innovation Net Zero also facilitated introducing Morgan and Morgan to new partners to encourage further collaboration. 


For further information on Morgan and Morgan’s work and services head to their website

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