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Grounds for Good

Grounds for Good are social enterprise founded in 2020 who create products from reused coffee grounds that are good for people, good for communities, and good for the planet. They aim to change what people consider to be waste whilst supporting homeless individuals across Wales. 


Most coffee grounds, once used, then end up in landfill where they give off methane gas whilst decomposing, which is 34 times more potent of a greenhouse gas than Carbon Dioxide. Currently around 75% of coffee grounds end up in landfill. Grounds for Good are preventing coffee grounds from going to landfill through turning them into candle wax and biochar using innovative methods. Biochar is a substance that resembles charcoal and has the potential to enhance soil and tree health and boost crop yields all while helping to sequester carbon. 


Innovation Net Zero are supporting the project through business mentoring to raise funds, develop a financial forecast and enable commercialisation of elements of the projects. Innovation Net Zero have also worked with Grounds for Good on new concepts and idea generation for current and future projects.


For further information on Grounds for Goods work head to their website.

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