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Cambrian Civil Engineering

Cambrian Civil Engineering company based in South Wales. They offer a range of construction services including groundworks, project management, and waste and storage facilities. 


Cambrian Civil Engineering are working with the team behind Innovation Net Zero to investigate how to prioritise sustainable design and construction practices. The construction industry is responsible for 10% of the UK’s CO2 emissions. The decarbonisation of building materials is key to reducing the emissions of the sector. Cambrian Civil Engineering are carrying out research into adopting energy-efficient building designs, using eco-friendly materials, and integrating renewable energy systems. 


Through the programme Cambrian Civil Engineering have been working with our team to complete sustainability plans and secure their pathway to net zero. Innovation Strategy have supported Cambrian Civil Engineering through new marketing plans and enabling the redevelopment of their website to include case studies. 

To find out more about Cambrian Civil Engineering's work, head to their website.

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