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SHRED is an organisation based in Carmarthenshire specialising in facilitating public participation in health trials focused on functional foods from sustainable net-zero ingredients. 


Functional foods made using sustainable net-zero ingredients and derived from waste streams help to reduce the chronic disease burden within Wales. 340,000 people across Wales are living with heart and circulatory diseases largely caused by modifiable risk factors including diet. Functional food products such as Tetrim Teas Rhubarb Root Blend have been proven to contribute to improvements in well-being and cholesterol. 


SHRED is working to develop an innovative virtual platform and interface to make it easier to facilitate the involvement of communities and remote individuals in trials as well as to conduct net-zero trials. They are also working towards delivering in-person outreach activities to further facilitate community involvement and provide opportunities for the public to gain awareness of functional foods. 


Innovation Net Zero supported SHRED to refine their concept through developing a business model and strategy in conjunction with conducting further research into the feasibility of the platform. Our team developed a research and development roadmap with SHRED to help plan the steps in development of the solution. SHRED were also supported by BT through the programme to advance their technology and we secured software development support. 

Following the support from Innovation Net Zero, SHRED will continue to develop their solution with the support we secured. We are proud to have supported SHRED through the early stages of this product which will soon be ready for market. 

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