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Phonetronics are an award-winning AI automation digital marketing agency based in Penarth. They specialise in providing top-quality services, including website design and development, social media marketing, and search engine optimisation. 


Innovation Net Zero worked with Phonetronics to develop and research their concept of AI automation for businesses. AI technologies have been identified as an essential tool for reducing the environmental impactsof services. Currently AI represents just 1.4% of the global greenhouse gas emissions associated with information technologies. Phonetronics also enable businesses to increase their productivity, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs. 


The programme supported Phonetronics in developing a business model strategy and future research and development road mapping to refine their concept. They were also linked with potential partnerships for both marketing and further research and development. Innovation Net Zero worked to identify further funding opportunities and enable Phonetronics to develop a funding strategy. 


For further information on the work being done by Phonetronics head to their website

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