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Latest funding opportunities

Grants typically offered by government and local authorities, support business development and innovation. Unlike loans, grants typically do not need to be repaid, making them an attractive option for early-stage businesses. A list of the latest net zero and circular funding sources are highlighted below.

Competition closes: 9th May 2024

Apply for up to £3 million in funding to undertake interdisciplinary collaborative research for the development of sustainable, resilient and productive aquaculture in Southeast Asia. Projects should take a systems approach to addressing challenges and be co-created with local partners and end-users.

This project will develop aquaculture systems that are resilient to climate change and environmental variability, that also enhance the local environment while improving the lives of local communities.  




Competition closes: 1st May 2024


Up to £1.5 million available to fund late-stage R&D projects that demonstrate advanced propulsion technologies and work toward the delivery of zero emissions technologies for on-road or off-road vehicles.


Possible technologies include:

  • electric machines and power electronics

  • energy storage and energy management

  • lightweight vehicles and powertrain structures

  • fuel cell and associated balance of plant

  • thermal propulsion systems and alternative fuel

  • digitalisation for the development of low carbon vehicle innovation, data analytics, redesign, test and validation and verification.


Welsh businesses are able to access funding to support investment in circular economy activities such as increasing the use of recycled or re-used content in products or to extend the lifetime of products/materials.


Projects will need to deliver one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Increase amount of re-cycled/re-used materials

  • Reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Reduce waste.

  • Improved productivity

  • New or improved products or processes

  • Obtain a recognised relevant BSI standard/kitemark.


A business grant scheme to support Carmarthenshire businesses in the purchase of renewable power and heating systems for their business premises. Available grants are between £1,000 and £25,000 and will be awarded based on no more than 50% of the eligible costs. The aim of the fund is to support local businesses to be sustainable during these challenging times, to provide assistance for them to grow and prosper whilst helping them on their net zero carbon journey.


The Grant Fund will stimulate economic growth such as business expansion, diversification, innovation, and job creation which all contribute to overall economic growth and development in the Vale. Businesses based in the Vale of Glamorgan that have been trading for at least 12-months can apply for grants for projects enabling them to either decarbonise, innovate and diversify, or grow and develop. Grants will fund 50% of the cost for projects between £5,000 and £300,000.


Competition closes: 10th May 2024

The Net Zero Catalyst is supporting Pulpex in funding research into analysing recycled paper and alternative biomass sources for a fibre bottle moulding process.

This challenge aims to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of paper packaging solutions and meet the sustainability requirements of the industry and major corporate clients.


Competition closes: 3rd May 2024 

Funding is available to European teams to develop services related to the Waste to Energy value chain. Projects will explore the technical viability of new applicants and services that exploit one or more space assets.

The relevant topics for proposals include:

  • Marketing insights and planning

  • Operations and monitoring

  • Clean-up and landfill mining


Competition closes: 24th April 2024

UK registered organisations can apply for a share of up to £25 million for game-changing and commercially viable research and development innovations that can significantly impact the UK economy. Proposals should be business focused, and show deliverable, reaslistic, adequetly researched plans to achieve return on investment, growth and market share. 

Project eligibility:

  • start by 01/10/24 and end by 30/09/26

  • include at least one micro or SME as the lead or collaborative grant claiming partner

  • follow specific rules depending on its duration

  • carry our all project work in the UK

  • intend to exploit the results from or in the UK


Competition closes: 22cnd May 2024

UK registered businesses can apply for a share of £6 million to develop an innovative project with a partner from South Korea. Projects should provide a novel and disruptive solution focused on one of the following themes:

  • advanced manufacturing and materials

  • artificial intelligence

  • future mobility

  • semiconductors

  • energy storage systems

  • hydrogen


Competition closes: 8th May 2024


Carbonbit is launching an innovation challenge seeking solutions that can help in identifying the crucial process, mechanical and electrical engineering modifications necessary to scale-up a small-scale DAC system to industrial-scale plant. The solutions should comprehensively outline and detail these changes, enabling potential costing for the development of the industrial plant, as well as detailing the clear uses of AI and robotics in enhancing the overall solution.

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