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The Partnership

Innovation Net Zero brings together a world-class partnership made up of innovation and business specialists Innovation Strategy, multinational and technology experts British Telecom and sustainability and circular economy experts Afallen. 

Lead Partner: Innovation Strategy 

Innovation Strategy  are award-winning innovation specialists that help Wales’ most innovative businesses and organisations with research and development of innovative and disruptive solutions to achieve fairer, greener and inclusive growth. 

They  support businesses, universities, and public sector across Wales to enhance collaborative innovation and the development of more entrepreneurial entities. Innovation Strategy assist localities and regions in creating innovation ecosystems and implement new strategies to promote economic growth. They deliver unique expertise and resources to accelerate the development of innovative businesses and organisations across key sectors. Innovation Strategy have successfully supported over 790 Welsh businesses and raised over £18 million over recent years to solve modern challenges in society and deliver ambitious innovations.

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Multinational BT build and partner with startups in new emerging categories to create products right now that work for the future.


BT's world class innovation labs combine a national operation centre, test facilities and a global R&D unit supporting businesses to innovate. BT has a key role in British society, fostering change and leading technology innovation. From delivering the Olympics, to supporting the emergency services, to investing more into research than any other UK technology company. BT embrace collaboration with ingenious companies, academic institutions, government departments, and independent agencies across Wales. BT innovate for good and share ambitions for Net Zero Innovation and finding new solutions for a circular economy.

Afallen are Wales’ leading sustainable development experts, helping organisations identify, embed, and accelerate sustainability strategies for transparent, inclusive and long-term social, environmental, cultural and economic value.

Afallen support entrepreneurs and businesses, and work with public sector to help organisations understand and embed Future Generations methodologies into their work. Afallen have specialist skills in sustainability, circular economy, and technical approaches to advance Net Zero. They are made up of a group of sustainability and technical experts that have a track record of supporting organisations with innovative solutions in their pathway to Net Zero.

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