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Tamplin Coaching

Tamplin Coaching provide empowerment days, workshops, and 1-to-1 coaching, to help people become their best selves. They are a sustainable training organisation, adopting new techniques to reach audiences in Wales and around the world. 


Sustainable organisations need to embed sustainability at the heart of their culture. Tamplin Coaching largely work remotely, which can help to reduce carbon emissions. However, travel to conferences and meetings emits greenhouse gas emissions. It is therefore important that businesses that already work virtually consider their need to travel and how they do it, for example taking public transport or using an electric private vehicle and virtually attending opportunities that would involve flying. 


Through Innovation Net Zero Tamplin Coaching are receiving support to continue becoming a more sustainable organisation. Innovation Strategy are also supporting them through providing expert funding advice to further enable business growth. 


To find out more about Tamplin Coaching head to their website

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