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Funded support to explore and test innovative net zero and circular concepts

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If you’re looking to explore an innovative net zero or circular concept, accelerate your business growth and are seeking funding and investment, we can help you.

Business Meeting

We offer fully funded support through innovation vouchers for defined work delivered by world class business coaches, technical experts, and sustainability specialists. 

Access innovation vouchers to draw upon expertise and resources provided through the partnership, enabling you to explore and test your innovations!

We are offering up to £5,000 and £10,000 innovation vouchers depending on your local authority and are available on a first come first serve basis. The vouchers include access to expertise and resources from the partnership and can be used for various purposes including research and analysis, short feasibility studies, R&D roadmapping and more. Our initial solutions diagnostic meeting will establish the support provision, scope and timescale of the project.


Participating businesses will be provided with continued access to our networks, mentors, workshops, on-demand content and tools via Innovation Net Zero’s portal.


We support you to develop well-designed business models helping to de-risk new innovations, streamline operations and maximise your value proposition!


Through the programme businesses will receive tailored business support, including business mentoring and growth planning, IP strategy and management and support to raise funding and investment.


Businesses can also access BT's world class innovation labs, which combine a national operation centre, test facilities and a global R&D unit allowing businesses to explore and test novel net zero and circular concepts. BT and partners offer extensive networks, technology and expertise helping businesses to accelerate development and commercialise innovative solutions.

Benefit from expert sessions, peer to peer learning and access to funders and investors.

You’ll also get the chance to attend our regular workshops, masterclasses and networking events, giving you opportunities to learn from our experts and connect with other founders. What’s more we’ll help you prepare business and financial plans, for funders and investors and provide you with an opportunity to showcase your solution to networks of investors at Demo Day.

Innovation Net Zero provides expertise and resources through the three stages highlighted below, allowing business to explore and develop high quality solutions with solid market potential.

workshop support
  • Discover insight into the innovation

  • Establish the scope and support provision

  • Idea generation and refinement

  • R&D road mapping

  • Business mentoring and growth planning 

  • IP Strategy and management

  • Exploring and testing concepts

  • Access to BT’s innovation labs & expertise

  • Exploring funding and investment options

  • Support you in securing R&D funding

  • Ensuring you are investment and pitch ready

  • Access to investors on demo day


Solution Diagnostic


Guided R&D & Business Support 


Identify funding and investment 

If you're a forward-thinking business with an innovative net zero or circular solution, we have the expertise and resources to transform your concept into a reality. Its first come first serve so don’t delay before applying.

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