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Cellular Agriculture

Cellular Agriculture Ltd was founded in early 2016 as the first UK start-up in the cultivated protein space. They are working towards sustainable nutrition for everyone, everywhere, all the time by providing the best cultivated protein technology.  


Cultivated protein technology plays an important role in the transition to a sustainable and resilient global food system. Food production currently takes up 70% of land in the UK, to effectively tackle climate change it has been estimated that 21% of current agricultural land needs to change function. Cultivated protein reduces the amount of land required for agriculture and also reduces the use of antibiotics in meat production as well as the risk of zoonotic pandemics.


Cellular Agriculture use innovative hollow fibre membrane bioreactor technology to enable the industrial scaling of cultivated protein and work towards producing it at an accessible price for consumers. Their current research and development programme is focused on scaling their technology for multi-species cultivated protein production. 


Through the Innovation Net Zero programme Cellular Agriculture are receiving support from Innovation Strategy to advance their investment readiness through business planning and introductions to potential investors. Securing investment will allow Cellular Agriculture to continue making innovative breakthroughs as they look to scale up their technology. 


For more information about their work head to their website

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