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Hybridge Solutions

Hybridge solutions have 30 years of experience in offering IT support and consultation, project work, equipment supply, and cloud services to businesses across Wales. 


Hybridge Solutions is spearheading innovative approaches to achieve net zero emissions. They have revolutionised their business model by prioritising remote technical support, minimising the need for client travel, and reducing the associated carbon emissions. Through leveraging online platforms, they are able to efficiently troubleshoot and resolve issues, enhancing sustainability while ensuring effective service delivery. 


Hybridge solutions are committed to reducing energy consumption for their clients through advocating for server migration to cloud-based platforms. Accenture analysis has suggested that migrations to the public cloud could reduce overall IT related emissions by nearly 6%, equivalent to taking 22 million cars off the roads. Transitioning to cloud-based platforms also boosts operational efficiency and promotes scalability. Hybridge Solutions are also actively contributing to developing a circular economy by recycling old IT equipment. Currently only 7.2% of the global economy is circular, to increase this percentage Hybridge Solutions responsibly dispose of obsolete devices and mitigate electronic waste. 


Through Innovation Net Zero Hybridge Solutions have been supported in further developing their business through marketing and planning. They have also worked with some of the team from Afallen to further develop their sustainability plans and support them on their path to net zero. 


To read more about Hybridge Solutions’ work, head to their website

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