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Circular Resource Specialists (CRS)

Circular Resource Specialists (CRS) are an environmental consultancy specialising in waste and resource management. They help public and private organisations become more efficient, sustainable, and to improve their waste and resource management practices. 


As part of the Innovation Net Zero programme CRS have been working to develop an app to empower localised groups of small businesses to procure waste collection services through ‘huddle buying’. Currently global circularity is in decline and consumption is accelerating, changing the way we deal with waste will allow us to create a more sustainable future. By disrupting the status quo and creating localised procurement cooperatives CRS are aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve local amenity values of public areas and facilitate the reduction of waste and potential monetisation of waste streams. 


Innovation Net Zero have worked with CRS to explore and research the concept. Through the programme CRS have received support in developing a pitch deck and defining their business model. CRS have also received IP strategy support and alongside trademarking advice to protect their unique circular economy innovation. Innovation Net Zero has supported CRS to build connections with new partners and secure software development for their solution. 


Following on from the programme CRS are continuing to build their app and bring it closer to the market. Find out more about their work through their website.

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