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Creating a net zero strategy

Where should innovators begin?

Businesses should integrate sustainability into their business. The areas below capture the key pillars used when creating a net zero strategy.


1. Start with governance


Firstly, decide who is responsible for your business becoming net zero and what your governance

path for decisions is.


2. Calculate your carbon footprint


The first step in developing a net zero strategy is to accurately map your carbon

footprint. Targets are meaningless without

establishing a baseline


3. Agree vision and net zero targets


Decide how ambitious your business is going to be in reaching net zero and set net zero targets for your scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.


4. Create a net zero roadmap


A strong net zero strategy has clear interim targets, milestones and carbon reduction projects to ensure businesses are accountable and stay on track.


5. Understand climate risk


Understand how climate change will impact your product and business operations, and how you

intend to mitigate these risks.

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